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For more detailed information about clinical trials, please visit the American Cancer Society’s website.

Clinical trials give you access to the latest treatments

Through our partnership with Fox Chase Cancer Center, we offer patients the opportunity to enroll in clinical trials of investigational new medicines and therapies to fight cancer, manage side effects from treatment and improve quality of life. These research studies are conducted by some of the country’s most prominent medical research organizations, including the National Cancer Institute and other national cooperative groups. Almost every cancer treatment offered to patients today has come about because of a clinical trial. Your provider will discuss whether a clinical trial is available for you.

Cancer clinical trials are research studies that involve people. They look at ways to:

  • Prevent cancer
  • Find and diagnose cancer
  • Treat cancer
  • Help with symptoms of cancer or side effects of treatment

Treatment studies might include:

  • New drugs or combinations of drugs
  • New ways to perform surgeries
  • Ways to make current treatments better
  • New ways to give radiation therapy

Taking part in a clinical trial is your choice. You may choose to take part or not, and you are free to leave at any time. People take part in clinical trials for many reasons.

While clinical trials offer no guarantees, they can provide such benefits as:

  • Access to promising new treatments that are often not yet available to all patients.
  • Close monitoring by a research team of providers and other health professionals.
  • A chance to be the first to benefit from the latest method being studied, adding to what is known about one’s type of cancer and possibly leading to better options in the future.

For cancer clinical trials that are currently open and available through AtlantiCare, click here.


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