AtlantiCare Nursing Professional Practice Model

The Professional Practice Model is based on the work of nursing theorist Jean Watson and her Theory of Human Caring (Caring Science).

The schematic representation of the model as portrayed by the tree of life guides nurses at all levels as they provide care to patients, collaborate within interprofessional teams, and contribute to the larger nursing profession. Each part in the diagram depicts an essential component of nursing practice at AtlantiCare. All components are interdependent and ultimately come together at the center (the heart), illustrating our commitment to our "PACE" approach, Patients are the Center of Everything, for the delivery of care.


Professional Practice Illustration


Nursing is both an art and a science. The leaves in the diagram represent our nursing practice and delivery of care at all levels of the organization.


The heart at the center of the model represents the patients/families/significant other, colleagues, and self. AtlantiCare nurses are accountable to patients/families/significant others, colleagues, and self as they collaborate to create a healing environment and provide patient centered care experience that is caring, compassionate, competent, and demonstrates safe and quality patient outcomes.


The essence of nursing practice is caring. The trunk and hands in the diagraph represent our theoretical framework, Jean Watson's Theory of Caring -Caring Science Ten Caritas Processes.


The root system in the diagram represents our organization's mission, vision, and values that our nurses embrace and demonstrate every day.
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