Equal Opportunity Employer

Revised 3/26/2014

AtlantiCare is an equal opportunity employer. It is our policy and practice that all persons be treated without regard to protected classes under New Jersey and/or federal law, which include race, skin color, religion, gender, pregnancy, national origin, nationality, mental or physical disability, perceived disability, age, creed, ancestry, marital status, domestic partnership or civil union status, actual or perceived affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, atypical hereditary cellular or blood trait, genetic information, military service, or AIDS and HIV related illnesses. The foregoing are sometimes referred to as "legally protected classifications."

This policy of non-discrimination applies to all privileges and conditions of employment including recruitment, hiring, promotion, renewal of employment, rate of compensation, selection for training of apprenticeship, demotion, layoff, transfer, discharge, discipline, tenure or terms. 

It is the policy of AtlantiCare to provide a work environment where we treat each other with respect, courtesy and professionalism so each of us can do our best work, and provide the safest, highest quality services to our patients and customers. AtlantiCare's goal is to provide a harassment free environment by utilizing our values, which provide a foundation for our interactions with each other. The policy is intended to define appropriate conduct for all employees, physicians, allied health professionals, contracted staff, students, volunteers and contracted staff.



Our actions and decisions consistently reflect the highest ethical standards. We operate on the basis of openness, to nurture an environment of honesty and trust.


We treat each individual with dignity and compassion; encourage creativity and assist one another to achieve our fullest potential. We believe that each individual is equally important in a unique way.


Safety of patients, staff, visitors, contracted help, volunteers and students is our top priority. We continue to integrate new learning into quality improvement and safety management to all aspects of our care environment.


We build our customer commitments upon the philosophy that quality and service will improve over time using a process of continuous quality improvement. We measure our performance against customers' standards and strive to exceed their expectations.


We combine our efforts with the efforts of others to achieve the greatest success. We respect what each individual offers and leverage team members' knowledge and expertise to achieve our goals.

Behavior Expectations:

All employees, physicians, allied health professionals contracted staff, volunteers, students and vendors will conduct themselves in a professional manner and treat each other with dignity, courtesy and respect at all time.

We will:

Demonstrate courtesy, politeness and professionalism in all interactions. Listen to each other without interrupting. Attend to problems that may disrupt the work environment. Verbalize disagreements professionally. Address issues with each other in a direct, prompt and professional manner. Give positive feedback, as well as constructive criticism in an appropriate setting. Respond to questions and clarify information in a prompt and timely manner. Recognize and acknowledge the individual contributions of all team members. Respect cultural differences. Be open to what others have to say. Find opportunities to help and support each other. Communicate to each other in a respectful manner in person, and the telephone and on email. Use email in a professional manner.

All employees, physicians, allied health professionals, contracted staff, volunteers, students and vendors will refrain from utilizing behaviors that may be perceived as intimidating, hostile or harassing. Conduct that falls into these categories will not be tolerated.

Examples of Inappropriate Behavior:

Exaggerated tone of voice, screaming, yelling, finger pointing. Invasion of physical/personal space. Unwanted touching of another individual. Grabbing objects from another individual. Throwing objects. Name calling and utilizing derogatory remarks towards another. Starting and/or spreading rumors. Use of expletives and foul language. Berating individuals. Stereotyping. Coercion through intimidation. Threatening individuals. Display of negative, threatening non-verbals. Lying. Boisterous and disruptive activity. Joke telling that people may find offensive. See also Policy 409 Harassment Free Workplace.

Anyone encountering behaviors that they feel violates this Policy should report the behavior to their immediate supervisor, any member of AtlantiCare's management team, Human Resources, through the Compliance Line (407-7788) or through Employee Voice, in accordance with Policy 409 Harassment Free Workplace.

Employee, student, volunteer, contracted staff and/or vendor issues will be handled through the AtlantiCare Human Resources Department and Administration. If the matter involves a physician (employee or medical staff) and/or contracted physician, the Chief Medical Officer or her designee will also participate. If the matter involves Human Resources, the Legal Department will handle the matter.

Failure to abide by this Policy and/or to exhibit appropriate behavior in the workplace will result in corrective action and/or discipline up to and including termination.


AtlantiCare: AtlantiCare is defined as any and all affiliated companies of the AtlantiCare Health System, including its joint ventures operating under the AtlantiCare trademark, and captive professional services corporations such as AtlantiCare Physician Group.


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