Regional Trauma Center at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center

The region’s only state designated trauma center treats the most critically ill and injured patients in southeastern New Jersey.

When faced with a traumatic event, you may feel that your world is spinning out of control. You want to be sure that you understand what is happening with your loved one and that you are making the best decisions possible. The best way to empower yourself and regain control is to understand and become comfortable with the daily routines of life after trauma. To help ease some of your anxiety, we have included information in this section that will teach you what to expect while in the trauma unit as well as to provide you the valuable information you will need to successfully transition your loved one from a trauma patient to a trauma survivor through the Regional Trauma Center at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.

The Trauma Center is staffed with trauma specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Trauma surgeons, specialty nurses, anesthesiologists, radiologists, therapists, technicians and many other trauma team members are prepared for any emergency. This team collaborates with community hospitals throughout the region and emergency medical services professionals, including ARMC’s Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU), to ensure prompt transportation of patients with critical and/or life-threatening injuries.

What to expect at the Trauma Center (PDF)

Courses for professionals

Trauma, Triage, and Transport

Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses

Advanced Trauma Life Support  Courses

Fundamental Critical Care Support Course

Annual Trauma Symposium


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