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Are you interested in providing quality healthcare for your employees, while reducing your organization’s overall medical costs?

AtlantiCare is.

Recently, AtlantiCare decided to change the way we deliver healthcare to our own employees. In 2011, we created AtlantiCare Health Solutions, an organization focused on the health of entire populations. Our goal was to improve the care experience and quality of life of our own employees while lowering our medical costs.

We succeeded and so can you.

AtlantiCare Health Solutions—an accountable care organization (ACO)—is a big part of our success. We work with local employers to combat rising healthcare costs by providing high-quality, patient-centered primary care and implementing employee engagement initiatives to ensure better healthcare outcomes.

Let AtlantiCare Health Solutions be your partner in providing coordinated, effective healthcare to your employees at less cost.

Our approach is threefold:

1) Analytics

We start with analytics to gain insight into the healthcare needs and utilization trends of your organization.

2) Primary Care Network

We then connect you with our advanced primary care network providers who practice efficient, evidence-based medicine to better manage the health of your employees. These providers are rewarded whenever savings are recognized through the health status improvement of your workforce.

3) Employee Engagement

Finally, we work with you to design benefits that contribute to improved health outcomes while engaging your employees to participate in improving their own health.

This approach, combined with AtlantiCare’s service excellence and proven efficiency, results in better outcomes and a healthier workforce—at a more affordable cost. We think you’ll agree that good health is good business.

AtlantiCare Health Solutions invites you to experience the benefits we now enjoy: Healthier Employees. Lower Medical Cost Trends.

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