In-Home Medical Tele-Monitoring

Through tele-monitoring, AtlantiCare Healthcare at Home stays in touch with a patient’s condition 24/7.

Tele-monitoring is opening up a whole new world in the advancement of home healthcare!  The device, worn by the patient, transmits instant remote patient diagnoses, and changes in vital signs to appropriate medical staff members at the hospital.  

Doctors, nurses and technicians there are able to immediately detect changing signs that may spell danger, and to intervene in time with appropriate medical action.

Tele-monitoring increases quality of home care while reducing its costs.

Home monitoring is used for managing a variety of health conditions, such as:

  • Congestive heart failure.  A sudden spike in weight can indicate fluid buildup or a deteriorating condition.  Caught early through tele-monitoring, the condition can be easily managed and hospitalization reduced.
  • Diabetes.  Patients can be monitored to make sure they regularly check their blood glucose levels and maintain these levels within a healthy range.
  • Unexplained fainting spells and other symptoms.  Difficult to diagnose because they probably occur irregularly.  When the patient wears a mini-electrocardiograph device, it continually sends the hospital data for review so medical professionals will catch patients experiencing cardiac problems right at the instant as they are occurring.

Patients with different conditions wear different types of monitors, all physician-prescribed.

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