AtlantiCare's Palliative Care Services

Managing symptoms of progressive illness for patients in South Jersey

AtlantiCare Healthcare at Home provides professional palliative care, a highly specialized form of home health care that supports the needs of patients facing progressive illness.  Its focus: managing the patient’s symptoms in a way that enhances their quality of life.

Patients requiring palliative care at home are not necessarily facing end-of-life problems.  They could:

  • Recover fully
  • Live with a chronic disease for an extended period of time, adjusting their lifestyle to accommodate the disability
  • Experience a disease which gets progressively worse

Palliative care:

  • Relieves pain and suffering
  • Relieves other physical problems
  • Relieves psychosocial problems 
  • Provides faith-based support

Palliative care treats patients in a way that restores their dignity.  It’s used to treat:

  • Chronic progressive pulmonary disorders
  • Chronic heart failure
  • Progressive neurological conditions
  • Some forms of cancer

The AtlantiCare Healthcare at Home Palliative staff includes:

  • Certified oncology nurses
  • Certified professional nurses
  • Certified psychiatric nurses
  • Spiritual  care support
  • Specially-trained Home Health Aides
  • Social workers
  • Nutritional counselors
  • Certified physical therapists
  • Certified respiratory therapists
  • Staff physicians at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center

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