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Centers of Excellence

Welcome to AtlantiCare's Orthopaedic Services

If you have joint pain or are thinking about having orthopaedic surgery, AtlantiCare is a superior choice. Our outstanding team of highly-skilled orthopaedic surgery professionals includes orthopaedic surgeons, nurses and physical therapists who address your whole body.

Does it really make a difference where you get treated? The answer is “yes.” We have a comprehensive approach to treating muscle, bone, and joint disorders. We also work to reduce your pain, fight infection and provide rehabilitation services after your surgery.

While all surgeries carry some level of risk, our goal is to minimize that risk as much as possible and ensure that your surgery goes perfect the first time. At AtlantiCare, we have an outstanding clinical team. We have extensive experience and are committed to your personal care.

What sets AtlantiCare apart from other programs?

  • We routinely perform complex surgical procedures
  • Where possible, we practice less invasive procedures that focus on less pain, quicker recovery times, and quality long-term results.
  • Whether it’s low infection rates or number of successful procedures performed.
  • We are a research center. This means we are innovative. Ultimately, it’s important to go with a hospital and team that you can trust. We encourage you to research other places, but are confident that you will choose AtlantiCare.

How can we be so confident? There are multiple reasons, but our patient success stories and repeated real results all point to a team you can trust. We invite you to read our patient success stories and then talk with your doctor about the best place to receive your care.



Our specialists are highly skilled in all areas of orthopedic surgery and joint replacement surgery.

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There are many reasons to choose the Joint Institute at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center (ARMC).

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What happens before surgery? What should I bring to the hospital? What can I expect after surgery?

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AtlantiCare patients share their experience.

Patient stories »


Learn more about keeping your joints healthy.

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Our location and contact information.

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Diabetes Community

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Breast Cancer Support

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AtlantiCare Cancer Care Institute


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