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Centers of Excellence

Pain Management

You have the right to adequate pain relief. AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center is committed to active pain management.

As part of hospital policy, you will receive timely information about pain management during your hospital stay. Your care team will discuss pain and pain control measures with you and your loved ones

It is important that you discuss your pain with your caregiver because:

  • Pain is subjective and individual.
  • The pain is your pain – not the doctor’s or the nurse’s.
  • You are the judge of how bad it is. You are the only person who can accurately describe your pain level.
  • Our goal is to manage pain to enhance your healing process. If your pain is too severe or if you receive too much medication or sedation, your recovery may be compromised.
  • We want you to be as satisfied as possible with your comfort and pain control. Pain management is most effective when you understand it and participate in it.

If you have questions about your pain management, please ask your nurse or physician.

Diabetes Community

Atlantic City | EHT | Pomona


Breast Cancer Support

2nd Tuesday of each month
AtlantiCare Cancer Care Institute


Stroke Support Groups
First Wednesday of each month