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Support For Caregivers

When a family-member's condition is such that they require significant in-home care, the demands on the primary caregivers can be overwhelming. 

Being a home caregiver with, or without, help is a 24/7 job and the caregiver easily gets burnout because the job requires: 

  • Changing dressings without feeling faint or repulsed
  • Cooking special foods and maintaining a special diet for the patient while preparing regular meals for the rest of the family
  • Giving the right medicines in proper doses on schedule
  • Administering other treatments on schedule
  • Doing extra laundry
  • Partnering with the doctor, nurses and therapists
  • Bathroom duty
  • Keeping the patient clean and comfortable
  • Changing bedding more frequently
  • Maintaining a hygienic, fresh smelling home
  • Making sure the home – and everything surrounding the patient – is safe  

Several home caregiver tasks require special professional skills, training, and experience that you, as a family member, aren’t likely to  have.

Though being a home caregiver may sound like a job that includes a lot of self-sacrifice (which it does), it’s not difficult and has its rewards when done properly with professional help and relief.

AtlantiCare Healthcare at Home to the Rescue

Recognizing the need for skilled professional home healthcare, and for having a coordinator between the hospital staff and home caregivers, AtlantiCare Healthcare at Home offers discharged patients every kind of help so they heal better and faster.

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