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  • AtlantiCare is now a member of Geisinger Health System
Centers of Excellence

We believe in choices that serve you and our community first.

It’s official. AtlantiCare has joined forces with Geisinger Health System. We will be identified as a member of Geisinger Health System. Soon, you’ll begin to see and hear our new combined health system name, logo and communications. As our two strong, community-focused health systems come together, we’ll continue to build healthier places for people to live and work. Like us, Geisinger is a national model for innovation in caring for patients and the communities it serves. It’s been recognized for the quality care it provides to more than 2.6 million people in northeastern and central Pennsylvania. National accreditation organizations have singled out Geisinger for its innovative use of the electronic health record and the development of progressive care models such as ProvenHealth Navigator® and ProvenCare®, which incorporates research results into practice protocols. The Geisinger Health Plan will soon help us provide innovative health and wellness offerings to consumers and employers here in New Jersey for quality and service.

We’re already investing in the latest technologies, including information systems, and combining best practices, such as the ProvenCare® model. All of which means improved results and outcomes. We’re expanding services and improving access to care, making it easier for you to get the services you need, close to home. Our mission continues to be to transform healthcare in southeastern New Jersey. Everything we do — now as always — is to benefit you, your family and our community.
AtlantiCare, a member of Geisinger Health System, is dedicated to building upon the high-quality healthcare you trust us to deliver.

AtlantiCare membership in Geisinger Health System approved

Diabetes Community

Atlantic City | EHT | Pomona


Breast Cancer Support

2nd Tuesday of each month
AtlantiCare Cancer Care Institute


Stroke Support Groups
First Wednesday of each month