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At AtlantiCare, our Primary Care Plus offers a wide range of physician options for a variety of personal preferences and needs. So you can pinpoint your ideal physician based on they’re area of interest, what language(s) they speak, where they’re located, their gender, what insurances they accept, and more. about AtlantiCare Primary Care Plus

Annette's Story

In March of this year, Annette Thomas almost died. Her health was slowly deteriorating, but she didn’t realize it.

Annette didn’t have a regular primary care provider, so at the request of her daughter, she made an appointment with an AtlantiCare Primary Care Plus provider. And she’s glad she did. Her Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), Terri Rodino, discovered that Annette’s blood pressure was dangerously high. Terri immediately sent her to the emergency department at AtlantiCare, where they determined Annette had blockages in the left and right sides of her heart. Quite the dramatic turn of events—Annette would ultimately require two stents.

Months later, she feels like a new person. She’s healthy once again, and spends her days without any of the symptoms that plagued her before her emergency. No more shortness of breath, headaches or fatigue. She can keep up with her grandkids and their busy schedules—all thanks to the coordinated services of AtlantiCare. Annette continues to see Terri for routine care, as well as her cardiologist for follow-up care. She’s even started referring her friends to AtlantiCare.

Annette feels indebted to Terri for the support she provided. “It’s like a miracle happened,” she recalls warmly. “Terri saved my life.”

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