Breast cancer ranks among women’s top health concerns – since one in eight of us is affected over our lifetime. The good news is that early detection and treatment can make a difference in helping fight the disease.

  • At AtlantiCare’s Breast Health Center, women benefit from our coordinated approach to breast health. We provide:
  • Breast cancer diagnosis using the most advanced technology, including digital mammography.
  • Support from our Breast Health Coordinator, who works with each of our breast cancer patients to ensure that their physical and emotional needs are met. In addition, AtlantiCare sponsors a Breast Cancer Support Group.
  • Educational programs conducted in the community to create greater awareness and understanding of the issues surrounding breast cancer.

Our Breast Health Center – along with many other women’s health services – is headquartered at AtlantiCare’s Pavilion in the Park. This new medical complex is dedicated to women’s unique health issues and is staffed by a team of women’s healthcare professionals.